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Diagnostic Scanning

Modern car dashboards can light up like a christmas tree. So, what do all those symbols and fault codes mean? How do you know which car warning lights are a safety issue and which ones can wait? And how do you get rid of fault codes on your dashboard when they appear?

At Epsom Automotive, every time we carry out a FULL service on your car we’ll perform a complimentary diagnostic scan.

We use the very latest car scanning technology, equivalent to that used by any automotive dealership, which can help diagnose faults in any vehicle that has a computer in it - from the very latest models to older 90’s classics (including European cars).

The scanner looks at your car’s electrical operating system from the inside out and produces a comprehensive report of all faults found. Believe it or not, your car stores a myriad of fault codes, not all of which have a car dashboard warning light, making it a useful tool to help diagnose problems.

Following the full service and scan, we’ll call you if anything requires attention, give you a quote to remedy it and an explanation of how serious it is. You can then make an informed decision - to fix it now or leave it for next time. We can even clear your dash of pretty lights and restore your peace of mind! Now that’s what we call a service!

The diagnostic scan for your car is free with a FULL car service, however a small charge applies to clear the fault codes. Without the service it will cost from $82+GST depending on your vehicle make/model.

At Epsom Automotive we provide car diagnostic scanning, mechanical repairs, car servicing, pre-purchase inspections and automotive advice to customers in Epsom, Newmarket, Greenlane, Onehunga and surrounding areas. We are proud to be your local AA approved repairers and look forward to being of service to you soon.


Epsom car diagnostic scanning

diagnostic scanning check engine

diagnostic scanning check airbag

diagnostic scanning EPS

engine temperature symbol

diagnostic scanning temperature

diagnostic scanning ABS

diagnostic scanning check battery

Check Engine

Call us immediately, do not drive any further than you have to!

Airbag Fault

For safety reasons see as soon as possible, but the car is driveable.

Electronic Power Steering

Your steering may feel heavy, get it checked ASAP.

Engine Temperature

Driving with this on could get expensive! Do not continue to drive...

Tyre Pressure

One or more of your tyres has lost air.

Anti-lock/skid Brakes

There is a chance that if you brake heavily your car will skid, or the brakes will lock up.


Indicates a problem with your car's battery charging system.