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Newsletter 22: Apr 2018

Advice on how often your timing chain or cambelt should be changed, plus auto transmission services.

Newsletter 21: Nov 2017

Important things to note before you head away on holiay, plus the chance to win a Christmas Hamper!

Newsletter 20: Sep 2017

Spring Reminders re tyres and antifreeze.

Newsletter 19: May 2017

Tips for staying safe on the roads this winter and changes/new faces at Epsom Automotive.

Newsletter 18: Dec 2016

Important reminders re WOF checks and getting set for the holiday period.

Newsletter 17: Aug 2016

Top 3 Winter Safety Tips and news of a facebook offer.

Newsletter 16: Mar 2016

We welcome new owners Paul & Liz Scouller.

Newsletter 15: Sep 2015

An explanation of our Phone Before we Fix Guarantee and Movie Pass Referral Scheme.

Newsletter 14: Jun 2015

Follow this winter checklist to ensure you stay stay and incident free in this less than tropical weather!...

Newsletter 13: Sep 2014

Existing customers can now recieve a complimentary safety check and Rhett recommends a service schedule...

Newsletter 12: Apr 2014

ESC or electronic stability control is becomng mandatory, we explain what it is. Plus read more about Electronic Stability Control here...

Newsletter 11: Oct 2013

Greg Murphy drops in and we have workshop tips on cambelts and water pumps.

Newsletter 10: June 2013

Tips to keep you safe if you're leaving it longer between services.

Newsletter 9: Mar/Apr 2013

Includes an article on the new WoF regime that will be coming into effect in 2014.

Newsletter 8: Nov 2012

Includes tips on preventing and dealing with cloudy headlight lenses and a reminder from OBC about protecting our Gulf Islands this Summer.

Newsletter 7: June 2012

We helped you work out which is the right service for you and marked 100 years since the passing of Sir John Logan Campbell.

Newsletter 6: Feb/Mar 2012

Includes some important tips on maintaining your boat trailer, and changes to the give way rules.

Newsletter 5: Nov 2011

We encouraged all our customers not to put off overdue maintenance, as often they end up spending more later on because something preventable has broken.

Newsletter 4: Aug 2011

We talk about diagnostic scans and dealing with fault codes, as well as congratulating Grammar Carlton Rugby Football Club on their excellent season.

Newsletter 3: May 2011

Includes an important reminder about checking the health of your car's battery as we head into the winter months.

Newsletter 2: Mar 2011

Sadly we farewelled John McCullagh and welcomed our new Workshop Manager Denis Paul. We also encouraged all our customers to head along to the Cornwall Park District School Fair, as we like to promote those organisations and events that we sponsor in our local area.

Newsletter 1: Aug 2010

We offered our assistance to local groups and events and also gave some tips on DIY car repairs.

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Avoiding a Breakdown is as easy as 1,2,3!

Murphy's Law says that if something can go wrong it will go wrong at the worst possible moment.  You can guarantee that if your battery is on the way out, your tyres are getting worn or you're running low on brake fluid, they will choose to let you down when you're already in a mad rush.  Now, who needs that kind of stress?  So here are our top tips for avoiding a breakdown:

  • Recent changes to the WOF legislation in New Zealand may mean that you are not required to bring your car in for a check up as often as before. Remember though that wheels can go out of alignment causing wear to the inner tyre tread - you may not notice it, but your tyre won't give you the grip it should in the wet. Even modern cars use oil, and it is much better for the engine if you detect that the oil is low before the warning light appears. If you are an existing customer of Epsom Automotive, bring your car into us between WOF checks (or every 6 months) and we'll pop it up on the hoist for a complimentary safety check. There'll be no charge for this service, unless of course something is needed, in which case we'll discuss it with you. It doesn't replace a full service but it's a start. Our recommended auto servicing schedule for NZ cars and road conditions can be found here...
  • Be on the look out for increased fuel or oil consumption, hard starting, rough running, or any unusual noises while driving.  These need to be checked out by an automotive technician as they could be an early warning sign of an impending breakdown.
  • Check tyre pressures and tread depth regularly, including the spare; and check for abnormal tyre wear which may indicate incorrect pressure or a wheel alignment problem.

If you want to be even more vigilant,  here are some more things to look out for.  Our thanks to the NZ Automobile Association for this information, for further tips visit www.nzaa.co.nz/motoring/tips:

Cooling System - Check the radiator coolant level when your vehicle is cold - level should be high when your vehicle is hot and low when the vehicle is cold.  Check the seal on the radiator cap and check for evidence of sludge build-up on the underneath of the cap and in the neck of the radiator.  Keep an eye out of leaks and check the hoses for signs of deterioration, leakage, softening and loose clamps.   While it is normal for vehicles with air conditioning to drip water from the condenser drain pipe, coolant leaks from the radiator or oil from the engine usually leave a stain, so keep an eye on your driveway!

Engine Oil - Check the engine oil using the dipstick when the engine is cold.  Perform this check twice.  Note that oil tends to get darker in colour as it ages.  If your oil is darker than usual, it should be replaced.  When driving, particularly on long journeys, remember to check your oil and water indicators and warning lights.

Fan Belt/Drive or Cambelt - Check for fraying, cracks or other signs of deterioration.  Check for correct belt tension.  If the belt appears loose, bring it into us for the necessary adjustments.  Click for more information on Cambelts.

Battery - Ensure the terminals are clean and securely tightened.   Check the electrolyte level and top up with water if required.  A battery labelled "low maintenance" or "maintenance free" could still be low on fluid.  In this situation, we will need to check it for you.

Brake and Clutch Pedal Travel - Check that both pedals perform properly and they are not sinking to the floor.  If you have any concerns come and see us, do not tamper with your brakes, it could render your car dangerous, unroadworthy an uninsured.

Wiper Blades - Check wiper blades regularly (especially during the warmer months) and change blades that may have deteriorated.

Importantly, if you have any concerns regarding your vehicle's safety, pop in and see us or call for an appointment.   We look forward to being of service to you soon.